The graduated layout of the Bamboo, embellished with a line of diamonds, wraps the shapes of the body in an embrace of style, creating a new, feminine and very impressive jewel.
The Stardust collection is the culmination of experience, technical excellence and good taste. T Diamonds take centre stage, featuring throughout the collection and lending it an unmistakable style and precious appeal.
Studs, braids and joints create these bracelets with five different textures, one of each proposed in the three shades of gold. Wearable in a fascinating alternation of colors, they match splendidly for a distinctive effect.
Designed for dynamic women who like to change their look, the soft contemporary lines of this range make it a real winner because it is easy to wear and matches any style.
From the birth of the first Stretch collection to date, a course of continuous technical research has made possible the development of a new section, which is 4,6 mm smaller and makes the jewel slender, fashionable and modern.
The circular shape of the ring represents eternity and perfection. A soft and feminine shape protects the diamonds and acquires a definite personality through the use of distinctive details of the brand.