Made in Italy

CHIMENTO jewels are conceived and created in the heart of the jewellery district of Vicenza in northern Italy, a zone renowned for excellence and a testimony of Italian jewellery art worldwide.

Craftwork in our blood

Despite modern techniques and innovative tools, most of our work is still carried out by hand by specialized goldsmiths who are experts and interpreters of the exclusive CHIMENTO style.


The undisputed quality of CHIMENTO jewellery comes from the strictness in selecting the materials and in implementing the production-chain checking procedure.


Ethics and sustainability

All of CHIMENTO’s raw materials are sourced from conflict-free countries, and we use an exclusively italian qualified workforce.


CHIMENTO’s philosophy is distinguished by our utmost dedication and a passion for the goldsmiths’ art that spans over fifty years and two generations. Experience and personal successes have been passed down with care, together with our typically Italian know-how. We aim to carry on interpreting the dreams and expectations of contemporary women by creating jewels that are both precious and also wearable every day.

The gold and jewellery district of Vicenza

We are found in the historical “goldsmiths’ zone” of Vicenza, one of Italy’s best-known industrial districts, which vaunts worldwide distinction. The district extends from the province of Vicenza to Bassano and up to the feet of the Lessini mountains.
The undisputed value of the craftsmanship of Vicenza’s craftsmen was well known and appreciated already in the times of Venice’s Serenissima Republic. Then, the foundations were laid for what is still considered one of the main centres of Italian jewellery making.

Under the banner of craftsmanship

The craft production of CHIMENTO is kept strictly within this district, where the skilled hands of master goldsmiths forge metals, select and cut gemstones, and define and polish the surfaces, giving life to always-fresh creations that are the expression of a territory and its art perfected over centuries.