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A proper fitting ring with Size-Fit™

The rings of the FOREVER collection combine avant-garde goldsmith technique with the timeless luxury of a jewel custom sized for you, forever. Thanks to the exclusive CHIMENTO Size-Fit™️ patent, the rings guarantee a perfect fit, up to five sizes. Plus, you can change your look whenever you want, by moving your ring across all the fingers of your hand.

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The FOREVER collections stand out for the extraordinary adaptability of rings to the shape of the body, and for an unmistakable design with a strong and decisive character. These jewels do not go unnoticed, they’re made to affirm and strengthen your personality and style. Made of 18 k gold and diamonds, the rings all carry the patented Size-Fit™️ mechanism.


The rings of the FOREVER Brio collection have a playful and fun design made of small white diamond polka dots, positioned at irregular distances and set on band rings available in various heights.

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The classic and timeless design of the FOREVER Essenza collection recalls pure and essential lines. The 18 k gold rings bear a sinuous line of natural diamonds along their entire surface, giving them movement and energy.

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Energy, life, light, rebirth, positivity. The rings of the FOREVER Luce collection are a hymn to life and creative and disruptive energy. They are available in various band heights and different colors of gold.

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FOREVER Unico is your personal and inimitable jewel, a jewel that speaks of you. The rings are fully customizable in color, style, finish and design.
Each UNICO ring was born to be different,
just like every one of us.