anelli d'oro e diamanti indossati su più dita

If you think there is a limit to the amount of rings you can gift to a woman, well, you’re wrong. Whether she is truly a jewellery addict or more of a pragmatic minimalist, no woman will ever tell you that her jewellery box ring section is full.

Still, it’s also true that we all only have ten fingers, and even if at times we’d like to be more like the goddess Kalì in order to show off our limitless collection of rings, reality is what it is.

But this doesn’t mean that we need to contain ourselves too much, especially considering that for the last few fashion seasons the trend of wearing rings on all or most fingers has spread. Many enthusiasts, especially celebrities, back this trend, a trend which excites the warmest admirers of heavy ring wearing.

donna bionda indossa degli anelli su una scalinata

How many rings should we wear?

Let’s immediately dispel the myth that only one ring should be worn per finger. The current trend dictates that we go over the top and exaggerate, but above all, that we personalise our ring choice. All possible combinations are allowed – by overlapping several layers of thin rings, perhaps also by combining different stones and metals, just like in the brand new Stack Me Demi Pavé collection.

Anelli in oro e pavé di diamanti

Mix & match forever

Even more extraordinary than the stacking trend is the Mix & Match trend, which is very popular in the United States where it first appeared several years ago. It involves mixing together rings with completely different designs and thicknesses (and also colours), to communicate through the wearer’s hands their own unique and personal style.

While these trends are undoubtedly in vogue and appealing, not all women feel comfortable wearing so many rings – partly for lack of habit, or partly for fear of losing them, especially considering the rings could be too wide and slip off without us realizing.

This will never happen with CHIMENTO’s FOREVER rings, a completely new appearance in world of jewellery, which thanks to a revolutionary patented system called Size-Fit, automatically adapts rings to the wearer’s finger as soon as they are put on.

FOREVER rings will never be too wide or too tight. You no longer need to go to the jeweller to adjust size, and the rings can be worn comfortably every day, on all occasions.

And hence the rings’ name, FOREVER, and their statement: “Made to measure. Always”. These rings will become part of your daily look, because no ring has ever been so comfortable to wear, almost imperceptible to feel.

FOREVER rings are available in different designs and colours, from the most classic and refined design (FOREVER Essenza, FOREVER Luce) to the younger and bolder (FOREVER Brio) or the glamorous and sparkling design (Stack Me Demi Pavé).

Anelli oro e pavè di diamanti
Anelli FOREVER Unico a fascia in oro e diamanti con nome

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