No city embodies the concepts of modern life and constant evolution better than New York. Everything about her changes and evolves, but her soul always remains the same: a soul made of pulsating life, emotions and opportunities.

If there is a CHIMENTO jewel that embodies this New York spirit, it is the iconic Stretch Spring bracelet, the protagonist of the journey that the beautiful model Giulia Nicole Magro chose to undertake to discover the Big Apple and her irresistible charm!


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Brunch based on Ceasar salad in the beautiful neighbourhood of Harlem: here, time seems to have stopped in the mid-50s. It’s Sunday, families leave their homes in their elegant clothes to go to weekly mass. The gospel genre that accompanies the Baptist rite is very popular here.

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The fateful moment has arrived! Giulia’s heart is racing as she walks across the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge.

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Walk along the High Line, one of the most relaxing and peaceful places in New York: rising above the noise of Manhattan, away from traffic, a green corner and a different perspective from which to admire the skyscrapers.

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After visiting the High Line, a sunset brightens the sky, creating an extraordinary play of colours on The Vessel, the artwork/building designed by British architect Thomas Heatherwick and inaugurated in March this year.


For her trip to New York, Giulia is wearing the Stretch Spring collection by CHIMENTO.

Born as an evolution of the most famous Stretch collection by CHIMENTO, Stretch Spring accentuates the contemporary and essential character of our brand: simplicity and balance of volumes do not compromise the extraordinary practicality and easiness to wear of these jewels, thanks to their peculiar elastic chain.

Beautiful on their own, the charm of Stretch Spring bracelets multiplies when worn together, in a personal mix & match of colours and different models.

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