For a young lady born and raised in this extraordinary city, to actually take part in the Venice Film Festival is a dream come true. The anxiety of waiting, the spotlights, and the photographers’ clicks – all sensations unimaginable just a few years ago – have suddenly become real and tangible.
Flora Dalle Vacche, Venetian blogger and fashion and film enthusiast, experienced all of this for the first time in 2014. And she has never forgotten it. Since then, she has taken part in many fashion events in Italy and abroad, but the red carpet at the Cinema Biennale is her absolute favourite.
This is the second consecutive year that we have decided to accompany Flora onto Venice’s red carpet with one of the most elegant and precious CHIMENTO collections: the STARDUST Pavé set. The modernity of the gas-pipe design confers a lightness and smoothness, while the central section in white gold and pavé of diamonds adds an overall refinement.
Spiritedness and elegance, the same qualities for which we adore Flora, and which make her the perfect interpreter of the contemporary classic charm of CHIMENTO jewels.
See the Stardust Pavé collection.


The red-carpet moment is short-lived though, and is merely the culmination of a long day of preparations involving a whole team of experts all working to create a truly perfect outfit and styling.
The tension is high and time is tight, which is why it’s so important to choose a relaxing and comfortable location, and to carve out a space in time to devote to oneself.
To prepare for the special evening, Flora has chosen the Hotel St. Regis Venice, a recently-renovated 5* luxury Venetian resort that she much loves both for its location – on the Grand Canal opposite the Basilica della Salute – and for the design of its rooms and décor, with a sophisticated Venetian look, yet one which is also surprisingly modern.

A style that is at once classic and contemporary, the same with which CHIMENTO loves to define its jewels. Like the Stretch Spring bracelets in gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones, with which Flora had fun posing in a relaxing interlude on the enchanting terrace of her suite.
Precious and yet also so graceful, with their semi-elastic structure, these bracelets combine the elegance of design with exceptional wearing comfort.
Already special when worn alone, they become even more eye-catching when overlapped and mixed together in groups of two or three at a time. Available in different colours of gold and design variations, the Stretch Spring bracelets are one of CHIMENTO’s iconic models. They are simply perfect as men’s bracelets too.
See the Stretch Spring collection here.

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