Chimento a Villa Bonin

Starting from the next appointment of VICENZAORO, September 22-26 2018, CHIMENTO will be at one of the historical residences of the Veneto region that best embodies the rich Italian and Venetian artistic and cultural heritage: Villa Bonin.

Located at just 300 meters from the main entrance of Vicenza’s Expo area, this Palladian villa is an extraordinary example of neoclassical architecture, a style that spread throughout the world precisely from Veneto and Italy, contributing to the creation of the concept of timeless elegance, characteristic of Italian taste and of ‘Made in Italy’.

For over 50 years CHIMENTO has embodied and promoted Italian craftsmanship, proving to be able to interpret it in an original and creative way through collections of unique jewels with a classic contemporary style, capable of delivering extraordinary style to elegant women, satisfying their wildest dreams.

From September 22nd to 26th CHIMENTO will welcome its guests in the relaxing atmosphere of the Villa for a pleasant break from the frenetic pace of the fair, presenting its new collections and illustrating the ambitious projects for the upcoming 2018/2019 season. Entry is reserved for retailers upon appointment.

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