Tell me which finger you wear rings on, and I’ll tell you who you are.


Often, the different ways of wearing rings are dictated by fashion trends or cultural traditions. But sometimes, the fingers we wear our rings on can reveal interesting facts about our personality.



Wearing a ring on your little finger is a sign of creativity, vanity and non-conformism. Artists often wear rings on this finger. The historic Chevalier ring is also worn on the little finger, and was flaunted by the nobles during the Middle Ages as a synonym of power and high lineage. It’s also known as a “seal”, because it has the symbol of the lineage they belong to on its surface, enabling it to be used to sign the official documents.


Ring finger

The most classic position for a ring, the ring finger is the finger  traditionally reserved for the wedding band and engagement rings (to learn more about the history of the engagement ring, read this article). Those who spontaneously wear a ring on the ring finger are considered idealistic, romantic and highly sensitive.


Middle finger

Choosing to wear a ring on this finger expresses character, determination and reliability. Often it is worn combined with another ring on the ring finger, or on the index finger, to “dress” the hand in light and draw attention towards you.


Index finger

Wearing a ring on this finger denotes determination and ambition. People who choose to wear their ring here are generally very determined and pragmatic, they are at ease when they are the centre of attention and have a high regard for themselves.



although it is mainly men who wear a ring on this finger, many women also love to embellish their thumb with a ring, whether it is a more or less showy one. Due to the peculiar position of this finger, which is more exposed than the others, band model rings are usually best, since they are more practical and plainer, simpler and ultra-thin. They’re perfect for defining a look or, more importantly, to get noticed. Those who wear a ring on their thumb are considered to have a strong personality, be self-confident and decisive.



Feeling undecided? Would you like a ring to wear on all fingers to communicate a different meaning every day? Would you like to have fun moving your ring between one finger and the other?


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